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ECOmar Marine Sewage Treatment

ECOmar Marine Sewage Treatment

Tropical Marine Air Conditioning, Inc. sells all ECOmar Marine Sewage Treatment equipment and ECOmar Parts & Supplies. For the best in black water treatment systems have Tropical Marine Air Conditioning install a ECOmar unit on your yacht. CONTACT US for all your ECOmar parts and equipment needs.

ECOmar Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System

The system ECOmar is able to treat the waste water and allows to discharge it directly into the sea in accordance with the International Standards.

ECOmar does not need to be run by any operator, whose only action is to start up the unit in auto-mode. The cycle starts with loading a known quantity of waste water from the collecting tank on board.

After loading they are macerated for a fixed period of time and added of a known quantity of disinfectant liquid. Finally some clean sea water is added and the maceration is continued for a further fixed period of time.

During these steps the chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the water and reduce the dimensions of sediments so that the water can be discharged into the sea according to the International Standards.

Chlorine dosing system 

- IT DOES NOT POLLUTE: the oxidant liquid does not release poisonous substance

- EASY TO USE: totally automatic with possibility to operate it manually in emergency

- COMPACT: designed to work in small machine rooms

All Ecomar Models

Ecomar Flow Diagram

Tropical Marine Air Conditioning, Inc. services and sells marine equipment and ECOmar Parts & Supplies- Marine Air, AquaAir, Technicold, and Cruisair air conditioning, reverse osmosis by Sea Recovery, ClearMate, Bluewater, ECOmar Sewage Treatment Systems, and Eskimo Ice and Polar Cap ice machines. CONTACT US for your marine parts and equipment needs.

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