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Technicold Marine Chilled Water Air Conditioning

Technicold Air Conditioning

TECHNICOLD Chilled Water Yacht Air Conditioning

TECHNICOLD® offers a line chilled water air conditioning and water heating systems for environmental climate control of the marine vessel, both power and sail. The climate control systems are designed for the marine environment, constructed with 316L stainless steel and other quality corrosion resistant materials providing years of corrosion free service while maintaining the original new appearance.

TECHNICOLD Chilled Water Air Handler TECHNICOLD®  chilled water air conditioning systems incorporate one or more self-contained water chillers that can be located separately or placed in a rack for ease of service in one central location. TECHNICOLD® water chillers are constructed in the smallest attainable size to take advantage of any and all feasible installation locations.

A closed loop water circuit circulates tempered water throughout the vessel. Each area or cabin has an individual zone control valve and air handler which thermostatically controls a desired temperature. Each modular chiller is staged to cycle on or off as the cooling loads vary in the vessel enabling a preset water temperature to be maintained for optimum efficiency.

TECHNICOLD Chilled Water Air Handlers Side view of the TECHNICOLD 5 Ton Yacht Chilled Water Air Conditioning Unit TECHNICOLD® climate control systems are available in straight cooling, cooling and heating by reverse cycle, or cooling and heating by electric resistant. Additionally, oil fired heat may be added.

CW 24 24,000 13 19 25 10 - 151
CW 30 30,000 13 19 25 12 8 164
CW 36 36,000 13 19 25 16 10 170
CW 48 48,000 13 19 25 22 13 181
CW 60 60,000 13 19 25 26 15.5 187
CW 120 120,000 17 27 34 - 31 410

  • Stainless steel plate style chiller encapsulated in urethane foam inside a stainless steel housing enclosure to prevent condensation
  • Digital staging thermometer allowing for continuous temperature readout and preset temperature control
  • Single pass fluted coaxial cupronickel counter flow condenser allows low sea water velocity while providing maximum efficiency and even condensing
  • Manual reset high and automatic reset low pressure controls
  • Expansion valve metering device provides maximum performance at all temperature range
  • Freezestat control direct sensing on chiller plate surface
  • Good access to sightglass for convenient service diagnostics
  • High and low charging ports easily accessible
  • 316L grade stainless steel chassis fasteners & hardware
  • Rubber vibration compressor isolation mounting feet
  • Systems are standard with scroll compressor, conventional piston compressors are available.
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